Featurescapes genereated via recurvise domain warping in TouchDesigner. 

A single domain is recursively warped, contorted to myriad configurations and used to displace a source map. This contortion has dramatic visual effects and changes the character of the image, as the domains within which we think influence our judgement. 

The context with which we receive information determines its relevance. Information deemed relevant in one domain may not pass the significance threshold in another and go unnoticed. Domain dependence is the failure to generalize relevant information from one context to another. This work explores the constraints domain dependence places on thought and problem solving. Location-specific weather conditions constrain the space of possible parameter states the algorithm may enter. This limits the forms it may take one, as priors limit the conclusions the brain may draw. 

Each state allows the viewer to interact with different subsets of parameters. What is relevant in one state (e.g. the effect motion has on the visual) may no longer be relevant in the next. 

Explore the algorithm powering Malformed in the WebGL sandbox below, or open in a new page here

Dimensions Variable
Duration Infinite